The Main Classrooms

The largest of the rooms which serves as our Busy Bees Classroom has child-sized tables and chairs, easels for painting and drawing, cozy reading nook and numerous shelves equipped with puzzles, games, and arts and crafts.  Our Tiny Tots classroom offers areas to explore gross and fine motors skills through play.

Both main classrooms have open play areas that include age appropriate building blocks and a wide assortment of other toys. There is also a sand/water table with next activities weekly.


Farm Room

This room is primarily used by PreK and Busy Bees, where they use their imagination to play.  It is furnished with a child-sized kitchen and office equipment as well as dress-up and role model play clothes.

Safari Room

This room is used for children to climb and explore using Gross and fine motor skills.




Outdoor Playground   

There is a modern outdoor playground with swings, sandbox, tricycles, climbing equipment and slides.  Children have outdoor recess even during the winter months based on the temperature.

Restrooms/Potty Training

Here at Woodside, although we do not have the proper facilities or staff to change diapers, it is acceptable to send children in disposable training pants.
Bathrooms are accessible to the children and trips to the bathroom are part of our daily routine.  If there is an accident that requires immediate attention, the child’s parent(s) will be contacted to change the child at school.